In a vase on Monday

20200531_141515~2Today’s vase was a wedding gift. Very heavy blue glass with a magenta dimple in the base. This not very subtle vase is about 14″ tall and surprisingly looks well with almost any content.

The little frog netsuke I bought in a market in China before the sale of ivory was banned.

The rhododendron was rescued from the dead plant department in the early days of my garden. The flowers are huge.20200529_165948

I added some heuchera foliage and flower stems to help the rhodies simmer down a bit.


Thank you Cathy for hosting. Enjoy more vases in the comments section.

SixOnSaturday May 31st.

The days are growing longer, the world is opening up a bit and Six on Saturday continues to inspire. I’m pruning planting and sowing like never before. Here are 6 for the week.

1. First up is Ray’s Big Red Rhody. A gift from the dead plant department, it was a stick when planted. Now its taller and wider than me and just starting to flower.20200529_170006

20200529_1659482. Continuing with a red theme the Heuchera foliage is rather splendid. 20200529_1700473. So is the rhubarb. This is one of 3 plants each about 5 feet in every direction. This one is in the messy corner where you may also find a row of scallions, last year’s leftover turnips and a red kale that have all gone to seed. In hopes of attracting the bugs that would normally eat my harvest….20200528_1503194. We harvested the first baby spinach this week for a salad to bring to our first post covid outing. I didn’t think to take a picture but it was delicious and grown in a window box like these lettuce that we’ll have to eat soon.

5. Here’s a lovely Deutzia in full swing.20200528_1504446. Finally a song sparrow taking a bath.20200528_145629~220200528_145629That’s it from me. Its hard to choose only 6 things at this time of year. Roses and peonies are ready to pop but that will be for another day. Check out the comments on the host blog for more pretty things.

In a vase on Monday

Memorial Day dawns, white with fog.

The day is cold and cloudy. I don’t mind. I’m holding on to spring. By next week the white flowers will fade and the summer colours of peony, rose and clematis will predominate.

I’m picking flowers for our first party since lockdown. Just 4 people including us. Eating outside.

The flowers are viburnum opulus, white Deutzia and narcissus Actea. Shades of white.20200525_095834

The vase is a yard sale find, it’s made of something like pyrex and is unbreakable. Probably a good thing. I’m sure there’ll be wine.20200525_095919 Happy long weekend wherever you are!

SixOnSaturday May 23rd. A-May-zing.

This week the garden came back to life. The sun shone, the trees greened up. Baby birds are fluttering everywhere, crash landing into evergreens that are soft with new growth. The air is heady with the scent of lilac and bluebells. It is easy to find six wonders this week.

1. Viburnum plicatum Mariesii. Everyone has a flower or plant in my garden. She is for my mother, always the centre of attention when she’s in full swing.20200522_134343

2. Azalea no name white. Getting ready to knock your socks off.20200522_134431

3. Unfurling hostas.20200522_13471820200522_140230

4. Strawberries to be.20200522_134643

5. The pheasants eye narcissus and forget me nots still going strong.20200522_134438

6. Garlic on parade. One row is from nice large cloves carefully selected from the largest bulbs. The other is from odds and ends and bulbs that I wasn’t sure were garlic. Can you tell which row was which? I can’t!20200522_134535

This week the weather has been cool and sunny. I’ve pulled out hundreds of Jerusalem artichokes and a massive pile of garlic mustard that is headed for the compost dump. Here’s the gang of tender veg and flowers waiting to be planted next week.20200522_135024

In other news my long awaitwd haircut is happening on Tuesday! Thank you once again to our host. More offerings can be found in the comments section of his post.


SixOnSaturday May 16th. Space Invaders

The weather has finally turned and temperatures are close to normal. My tender plants have been able to transition to outside with a few exceptions.

The good news is that cooler temps are good for weeding and generally taking stock of what’s where and what needs to be gone.

So here we go, six weedy things on a Saturday.

1. Aguga reptans Bronze Beauty. The evil spawn of a cute little 6 pack purchased many years ago as a ‘manageable groundcover’. It now covers all available bare ground and has happily naturalised in my so-called lawn, creating purple polka dots 5 feet in diameter.20200507_104122~2

2. Ground ivy, its weedy cousin, has escaped its natural habitat in the lawn and now has a stranglehold on the harder to reach areas, popping up allover the borders especially behind thorny things.20200507_103018~2

3. Heartsease, which arrived one summer to my great delight. It is very pretty and a useful herb. (If one could ever take enough time off from weeding to study and make use of it).20200507_103234~2

4. Golden Spirea has joined its friend Ajuga in the escape from the border and plans on world domination.20200507_103128~2

5. Beautiful in early spring. Wild violets grow huge leaves by July. Their grip on the soil makes them almost impossible to remove.20200507_103027~2

6. And finally some sort of salvia. Given to me as a solution to a hot dry bank it prefers the greenest and most perfect part of the lawn, where it most resembles a pile of poop,until it throws up a flower stem or 2 in June.20200507_103004~2

They say the garden reflects the personality of the gardener. Tough as nails, hard to get rid of, obstinate, makes her own rules……they might be right! View more gardens and personalities in thw comments section of your host the Propagator himself.

Garden on!

SixOnSaturday May 9th. White and wild.

Six white things from the garden on a Saturday. Hosted by the Propagator. Check out the comments section of the blog to see gardens around the world

1. Daisy. A gift in memory of our dear old beagle who passed away a few weeks ago. A lovely gesture and a fine plant. 20200429_183925

2. Amelanchier is blooming. I planted this one but there are lots of native wildlings in the area.20200507_103646

3. Fern fronds unfurling. These are cinnamon fern,20200502_111340and these are Christmas fern.20200502_111330

4. The Viburnum burkwoodii has opened its heavily scented pompoms.20200507_103209

5. Feathers. A trail of fluffy whiteness leading into the woods. The feathers are large and downy. A waterbird of some sort I think. A small drama took place and no-one was there.20200507_103352

6. I leave you with a wall of garlic mustard. Thousands of plants. I will rip them out several times this year and next spring they’ll be back.20200507_103151~2

And also with this thought. It is snowing. Again. In May. Till next week….stay safe. Better times will come.