SixOnSaturday March 9th. Vixen.

A Foxy little work-around. Still very cold here, my plan B this week was icicles in their many forms….

IMG_61841. Snow and Ice. Again. But wait, who’s that behind Fat Lady number 2?

Now becoming a regular visitor, worthy of her own whole ‘Six’. I’m sure she’s looking for a place to have her pups. At any rate she’s working on the resident water rat and squirrel population. And perhaps the groundhogs later in the season…..

IMG_61862. The Fat Ladies. Started as  2 very adorable little topiary at the entrance to my vegetable garden. Now they are ginormous and scheduled to get the chop. Sometime between ‘shelter for the birds’ time and ‘nesting’ time.

IMG_6192 crop3. Phragmites. 25 years ago there were none here. Now they are overtaking the marsh. I’m in 2 minds – obviously they provide shelter and cover for all kinds of birds and beasts. I tend to think they prevent erosion of the river banks to some degree. However, they also occupy space formerly filled by goldenrod, sea lavender, thistles and milkweed.

img_6194.jpg4. The Bass Rocks. My mostly absent neighbour has attached an un-permitted dock. I’ve never seen a boat. The wildlife enjoys it as a roosting spot. The vixen is on her way to check for leftovers.

img_6201.jpg5. Sumac. Another wild invasive. Pretty all through the winter with red seed heads that can be made into a refreshing ‘tonic’.

6. Vixen herself. Isn’t she beautiful? In a month or so we will start to hear wailing at night. Unimaginably terrifying, loud, sounding like a tortured soul. Hopefully a few weeks later, fox cubs.

Six things from your garden, each week on a Saturday. Take a look at the Propagators blog for gardening inspiration.


4 thoughts on “SixOnSaturday March 9th. Vixen.

  1. The “fat ladies!” Funny!
    Beautiful fox. So great to hear you live in harmony with her. Too many people in my area aren’t so understanding, and then curse the gophers.


    1. I hear you. In a groundhog year around here I can’t have a garden at all. I’m happy to share but they eat everything. My foxes and hawks and coyotes maintain the balance.


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