SixOnSaturday April 6th. Here and there, this and that.


Things are starting to move along in the garden. I even have some daffs, plenty of small bulbs and cornus mas in full bloom. I’ve started cleanup, but can’t be out long before my fingers are frozen. I’m finding plenty of things to do indoors;  sowing,  replanting,  watering, but anxious for long days of warmth and sunshine

Beginning last week with a trip to Pittsburgh and the Phipps Conservatory Spring Show. I should mention that it was snowing outside. 

1. The show featured lots of tulips and hyacinths in formal layouts. Not really my thing but it was so nicely done you had to admire it. This Peacock made from magnolia leaves with formal bedding plants for its tail was the centrepiece and subject of many selfies.

2. This large copper butterfly’s body looked as if it should have been planted with succulents or mosses.

3. A beautiful Japanese Crabapple Bonsai. I wonder again why my crabapple has never flowered.

4. Back home, Chilli and Sweet Peppers are looking strong and healthy after a long, reviving  drink. Against my better judgement I sowed some free mixed seeds. Good or bad,  I won’t be able to repeat any of them next year! They are big enough to go in the ground but it’s way too chilly!

5. Sweet Basil, large enough to eat with Spanish toast and eggs. Nothing tastes more like sunshine. Of course the tomato was from last year’s harvest in the freezer.

6. Finally Mr Magnolia, opening his starry flowers to greet the dreary, cold and dismal days that followed me home.

Those are my Six for the first week of April. I hope you check out the other posts on the propagator’s website.