SixOnSaturday May 25th. Going Native.

A disappointing start to Memorial Day Weekend with leaden grey skies, a broken lawnmower and an impossible to-do list. So I’ve thrown in the trowel for today in favour of some blogging and retail therapy. The marsh is coming into bloom,  with creeping buttercup,  honesty, Dame’s rocket and cornflower leading the spring weed pack. I always hope for poppies too. A bit of red would really add to the display. Anyway,  on to my Six for this week, inspired as usual by the Propagator and his gang.


IMG_20190524_1438171. Doublefile viburnum. This spectacular shrub usually flowers on Mother’s Day (which is in May here). It’s a bit late due to the cold and rainy Spring. It will be perfect for another week or 2 before setting the bird-beloved berries that if left to ripen would be blackish purple in the Autumn,  against wonderful burgundy foliage.



2. Snowball Viburnum. A very imposing large shrub with lime green pompoms which gradually fade to pure white. They are at the pale lime stage at the moment. Gorgeous in a vase. They don’t produce seed but are easily propagated from root suckers.


IMG_20190524_1439313. Cranberry Viburnum. The flowers on this one are a little more subtle,  but the garnet Jewel like fruit are fantastic.



4. Arrow wood viburnum. Not a showy specimen in any season but useful material for stakes and supports. It’s also well-behaved,  stays in its allotted space,  doesn’t encourage the nasties, and always looks pretty.


IMG_20190524_1441005. Moving on from viburnum to vaccinium. The blueberries are absolutely loaded with flowers.  I have my net curtains ready this year.


1558728709058-8497888066. Finally Fothergilla. Another good shrub with vanilla scented ‘fothery’ bottlebrush flowers. These are dotted around for their scent and their wonderful Autumn colours. They are so much prettier than the ubiquitous ‘burning bush’ euonymous that we see us much here. Even though it’s a native I never met a euonymous I liked.

So take a look at the propagators site for more gardening,  grumbling and growing from around the world.

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