SixOnSaturday June 22nd New for 2019

Here in Massachusetts Spring has been cool, damp and cloudy, much like the English Springs I recall. Plants are lush and floppy. As usual I didn’t get around to staking any of them: result, I have roses, poppies and peonies with muddy faces. Travelling overseas for the first half of June has exacerbated the problem. OK as cut flowers for the house, they are definitely not photo shoot material. On the other hand I tried a few new things this season. With mixed results.


  1. At last. The very first apples on my Cox’s Orange Pippin. I can’t wait to see whether I got the tree I ordered or an un-identified leftover that lost its tag at the nursery. As an example my so-called Arkansas Black Apple is decidedly lime green and suitable only for making pectin as it is sour and doesn’t store well.


IMG_20190619_1450302. Cosmos Xanthos. Those seed catalogs in January should be banned. A pale yellow Cosmos – how wonderful! Not really. Compared to “Purity’ or ‘Psyche white’ that I usually grow to fill odd patches in the sunny borders, Xanthos is underwhelming at best. Flowering early but only a foot or so high  it can’t compare to the 6 foot pure white classic beauties I wish for at this time of year. Although they would probably be face down in the mud like everything else…..



3. Disappointing double white Clematis flowering for the first time in its second spring. Looking sadly like a wet paper towel. I can’t even be bothered to look up it’s name for this post.


IMG_20190619_0934264. Scrumptious Honeoye strawberries. Newly planted, mulched with straw and properly hydrated (thanks to the weather) these are the best ever.



5. Exciting to find a few cherries on 2 year old Carmine Jewel. Bodes well for a hearty harvest next year. The plant is shrub-like in form, for easy netting, with normal sized cherries.





6. And what’s this? A few of these plants have volunteered in odd places around the garden. This one is in my herb garden. Looks a bit like a prostrate Rosemary but has no fragrance.  It’s really pretty but I’m stumped. Anyone out there have any ideas?

Those are my Six for this week. I’m hoping for a break in the clouds so i can get out and start pruning away some of the floppies. I know there are lilies and zinnias somewhere under there……

Thanks once again to the Propagator for hosting. Visit the comments section on his post to see all the other Sixes and have a great week!


8 thoughts on “SixOnSaturday June 22nd New for 2019

  1. The apples look very healthy and I can almost taste those strawberries. Staking is one of those jobs I often tend to do after something has fallen down.

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  2. I rather like the clematis. Perhaps you could plant another next to it, in a different colour to complement it. Scrumptious looking strawberries!


  3. My Cosmos Xanthos plants just started flowering. I really like the yellow colour and being a bit smaller it’s useful in pots, I’ve decided. Hope you get some sunshine soon.

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  4. Your mystery plant is interesting looking – hope someone IDs it for you. Like Jane, I actually like your dirty white wet paper towel clematis. Maybe you’ve glamed it up w/your photo skills & it looks less lovely in person. It’s one thing to mislabel an annual or even a small to medium size perennial but to mislabel a whole tree . . . what’re you supposed to do w/that? Fortunately you can use your lime/apple for pectin, but after doing an image search on the black apple, wow – what a disappointment!

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    1. Hi Lora, so far no ID on the mystery plant. The biggest mystery is where it came from, as it is in several far flung corners. I can only guess it came in as a seed with another plant. As to the clematis I’ll make the best of it by adding some other climber. The seed heads are lovely, all is not lost!

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