SixOnSaturday July 13th. Change is good.

It’s been a bit of a funny week or two. Between the 4th of July festivities, house guests, heatwaves and downpours, I only just managed to get my beans and pumpkins planted out. With a bit of luck we’ll have a long, slow transition to Fall and they’ll have time to produce. I’m trying to kid myself that it is succession planting for a Fall harvest….

Meanwhile, back to Six On Saturday, where my theme this week is Change. Because things do. And usually for the better.

IMG_20190703_1745511. Boundaries re-established. The wild kingdom has no respect for straight lines or tidiness. A couple of times a season I hack back the weeds and remember why boundaries are essential to healthy co-existence.

2. Everything in its place. My garden shed is a hundred year old former chicken coop. It came with old (mostly broken) tools, half used containers of chemicals I would never dream of using, bits of lumber and thousands of pots. I’ve re-used or recycled most of the plastic pots over the years and organised the beautiful old terracotta ones so the mice can’t nest in them. The shed has never been so tidy! I can actually walk in now without risking life and limb. I’m still working on safe disposal of the chemicals, as you can see.

IMG_20190627_0755493. Goodbye old friend. My trusty old gas powered Toro gave up the ghost and has been replaced by an electric self-propelled mower. Its much lighter in weight and so quiet. I’ve never owned a brand new mower before.

img_20190704_134056-1.jpg4. Hello Sweetness. Baby girl is now old enough to enjoy the great outdoors. During her visit we played with rocks and stones, watered the pathways and ate alpine strawberries right from the garden. A new generation to love the land.

IMG_20190624_1627355. Lilies. The beetles moved in at the same time as I did, so for the last 25 years or so I had no lilies. This year, so far so good. These have been brightening up Mikey’s corner for weeks without blemish. I do see a big hole in that nicotiana leaf though…


6. Climate change? My window boxes are looking lovely this year, I think because the weather hasn’t been baking hot for weeks on end. There are 4 boxes like this on the front (Northern side) of the house. Usually I change them out in August because they are looking very tired. This year they look like they’ll make it through the whole summer.

That’s my six for the week. It’s a bit more ‘hard-scapey’ than usual because we’ve had torrential rain again and all my flowers are muddy. Visit the prop’s site for details from all the other gardens and have a great week.

7 thoughts on “SixOnSaturday July 13th. Change is good.

  1. Your box is looking glorious. I’ve thoughts to hang some from the garden walls next year in a very sunny garden as well. Any plant (or how to be a better gardener) suggestions? Love that border in the first photo. Really lovely.

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  2. Thank you, that border is looking good this time of year. My better half is great at watering the window boxes daily. I used to try to be artistic about a colour palette & plant choices. Now I just stuff in all the usual suspects from the local garden centre – geraniums, lobelia, petunias, angelonia etc. and leave them to mingle gracefully as they grow. Life’s too short to always be a designer!


    1. Well, I didn’t even know the usual suspects, let alone think about design, so I’m glad you’ve suggested to forget that & go for what the garden centre tells me to plant. I’m all for letting someone else do the hard thinking! I’ll have to remember to water them, tho.


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