SixOnSaturday December 7th. All is White


1. First snow.

And so it came, on the first day of the last month of the decade. Not an inch or so as predicted, but 8 inches over 36 hours.

2. The beagle and I had gathered festive foliage for our winter window boxes. The woods we walked in were carpeted with leaves. Lots of white pine windfall branches to be had. Strangely,  no cones this year.  Plenty of time to find them on another walk,  another day. Or so I thought….

3. From my garden, we cut red twigs and holly,  cedar,  fir and juniper, seed heads of actea.

4. Thankfully I had already filled up the bird feeders. The antics of chickadees, titmouse and wren kept us entertained throughout the storm. The heron has left for a warmer climate and the goldfinches are wearing their khaki winter plumage. Dark-eyed Juncos and Buffleheads have arrived, with an occasional merganser or eider duck in the flotilla. Cardinals, Blue Jays and woodpeckers brighten up the scene.

5. The hawk awaits….

6. All is calm,  all is white!

Visit to see what’s going on in gardens everywhere. I’m sure that somewhere it is warm with flowers!