SixOnSaturday March 7th. The winter that wasn’t.

In my early March post last year I was moaning about the foot of snow that had fallen overnight. This year no snow, but snowdrops, colonising nooks and crannies, and some real spring flowers too.

1. Snow Crocus, with snow drops, 3 weeks earlier than usual, hugging a little stone raised bed.20200306_143219

2. Heath ‘Vivelli’ sharing a crevice with the ubiquitous snowdrops.20200306_081940

3. Iris Dandiforae. Just the one, but she shows up faithfully every year under one of the lavender plants.20200306_082042

4. Rhubarb, just getting started, her unraveling buds as pink as any flower.20200306_081736

5. Fat fuzzy catkins of Salix, silver in the sun.20200306_081805

6. Squirrel squiggy. Not a flower but a shredded dog toy. Thrown out by a spring-cleaning squirrel to land on my 2nd story deck. Or possibly dropped there by a disappointed hawk who thought he’d found a free lunch.20200304_140744

Spring is happening! I know almost every other garden is ahead of mine, but just for a change I’m delighted to be a few weeks ahead of myself!

Pop on over to the host site to sample the thrills of spring gardening from around and about.

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