SixOnSaturday March 28th. Promiscuity and Perfection

Six garden related things from my garden this week.

1. Dry trough. This was a gift, planted with the cutest little alpines and dwarf conifers, none of which could ever make it through our winters. It has become a handy receptacle for stones I love, the dog’s toys, things I need to keep that are useless….Now also includes promiscuous pushkinia and very early violas. The edges have covered themselves with the most beautiful mosses and lichens. Perfect!20200327_142637~220200327_142621~2

2. Seedlings are everywhere. The first batch of sweet peas and brassicas has already moved outside to the cold frame.

3. After various failed attempts at growing standard cherry trees, I’m trying Nanking cherries. These bear smaller fruits but the shrubs are absolutely covered with flowerbuds. Hoping for a bumper crop.20200327_142746

4. Muscari, a very early variety with a single leaf and a flower that’s bi colour when fully open.20200327_143427

5. Chionodoxia, also named glory of the snow. Although it’s much more glorious this year when we’ve had none.20200327_142657

6. Narcissus Ice Follies. Needs no explanation, just shows up every year. Fades perfectly to white and doesn’t have much of a perfume. So I can bring it indoors without offending anyone’s delicate sensibilities!

Those are my Six. Stay safe out there and enjoy visiting gardens around the world while keeping your distance!

6 thoughts on “SixOnSaturday March 28th. Promiscuity and Perfection

  1. I have Ice Follies for the first time this year. I noticed that now that they have been open for a week or so they are all pale, not two colors. Pretty. I love the ball in your trough! I thought of those balls for my Boo, but his goal is to catch balls and I’m afraid he’d knock his teeth out (he has a bad overbite) catching one harder than a tennis ball!

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  2. Goodness, you have a lot of seedlings to plant out! That will certainly keep you busy in the garden whilst unable to go out. I rather like your dry trough- interesting collection of items and plants.


    1. They were only about 10cm tall in the photo. I move them off heat as soon as they germinate and give them as much cool light as possible. Currently they are out in a cold frame. Its just a few degrees above freezing at night but they seem to be thriving. They will be in the ground soon.

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