SixOnSaturday April 25th 2020. Unusual?

After a mild, sunny Winter, a cold, wet start to Spring and 6 weeks of lockdown the bulbs are coming up on schedule and as usual. 6 things on a Saturday to prove it!

1. Apricot parrot tulips. These were planted years ago and reliably appear every spring. Every spring someone snips off the almost ripe buds and leaves them scattered on the ground. It’s not a person. Is it a bird? Is it a rabbit? Is it a bug? I’ve never discovered the culprit. It only happens to these tulips. All the others are untouched.



2. This is a relatively new tulip for the garden. Red Appeldoorn. It’s a big classic unfussy red that I dearly love.


3. Narcissus Thalia shows her pretty face. I need to add more. These have de-naturalised over the years from a host to a scattering.


4. Cheerfulness on the other hand is clumping up very nicely and full of buds.20200420_143930


5. The stream of muscari has returned, as usual, despite being re-routed last year. 20200420_144504

Muscari latifolia has become more of a pool than a stream. 20200420_144204


6. A dwarf fernleaf dicentra (bleeding heart) that I vaguely remember buying back when the world was normal and one could browse the nurseries for little treasures. It’s about to be consumed by a hulking great mallow and a massive mullein. That’s probably why I haven’t seen it in recent years. Normally there isn’t this much time to micromanage. Job for the next warmish dry day will be to move at least one of them.20200420_143952


And just to keep things in perspective, this last photo was taken a week ago. April 18th. I hope this isn’t the new normal.


Six on Saturday is a weekly session of virtual garden rambles hosted by the Propagator himself. Explore the comments section of his blog and join the garden party. Stay safe in isolation. I must confess I’m enjoying it!

10 thoughts on “SixOnSaturday April 25th 2020. Unusual?

  1. What an amazing transformation in your garden in the space of a week! I love the apricot parrot. What a shame it’s also attractive to ‘someone’ else.

    Liked by 1 person

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