SixOnSaturday May 31st.

The days are growing longer, the world is opening up a bit and Six on Saturday continues to inspire. I’m pruning planting and sowing like never before. Here are 6 for the week.

1. First up is Ray’s Big Red Rhody. A gift from the dead plant department, it was a stick when planted. Now its taller and wider than me and just starting to flower.20200529_170006

20200529_1659482. Continuing with a red theme the Heuchera foliage is rather splendid. 20200529_1700473. So is the rhubarb. This is one of 3 plants each about 5 feet in every direction. This one is in the messy corner where you may also find a row of scallions, last year’s leftover turnips and a red kale that have all gone to seed. In hopes of attracting the bugs that would normally eat my harvest….20200528_1503194. We harvested the first baby spinach this week for a salad to bring to our first post covid outing. I didn’t think to take a picture but it was delicious and grown in a window box like these lettuce that we’ll have to eat soon.

5. Here’s a lovely Deutzia in full swing.20200528_1504446. Finally a song sparrow taking a bath.20200528_145629~220200528_145629That’s it from me. Its hard to choose only 6 things at this time of year. Roses and peonies are ready to pop but that will be for another day. Check out the comments on the host blog for more pretty things.

8 thoughts on “SixOnSaturday May 31st.

  1. It’s so gratifying when you bring home an ailing plant and manage to revive it. It looks like that rhododendron is gong to pay you back in spades.

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  2. Yes I definitely have a rhubarb glut going on. I have 3 huge plants, not sure why. It’s not something we eat a lot of. I give a lot away. And I use the leaves as weed blockers.


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