SixOnSaturday June 6th – Happy Six.

This week is all about flowers. It’s time for a happy post!

1. English rose “Leander” pink of bud, opening apricot and fading to lemon.20200605_084002

2. Zephirine Drouhin. Perfectly pink and plenty of them20200603_161615~2

3. Knockout red brightens a shady corner.20200605_084026~2

4. Also pink, a cactus Dahlia that may be Rosella. Or may not. It’s a few years old and flowering very early.20200605_083713

5. Peony Moonstone. Many peonies to come next week, they’re not quite open yet except for this one20200605_104413

6. Blackberry. Most years I lose patience with the thorns and hack these very vigorous vines back. They give large sweet berries if given the chance. The flowers this year have been spectacular so they’re having a reprieve. I’ll be having berries!20200603_161411

Another week, another Six.

Stop by the comments section of the host for more garden inspiration.

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