SixOnSaturday June 27th. Singing the Blues

Singing the blues and still dancing for rain. Another rainless week has passed. The rain barrels are dry. The garden is lush and green. Our water bill will be through the roof. Six blue things on a Saturday. Ably hosted by the Propagator. Leave a comment and a link to your own post on his blog.


1. Clematis durandii. This little b*****r dies back to the ground every winter. Each spring I hold my breath. It is a sprawler and usually chooses to sprawl on the ground behind the rose with the longest thorns. This year it is in an eryngium. It’s the most perfect cobalt blue and is forgiven.20200624_151939

2. Nigella is encouraged to self sow all around. It enhances every corner and border. If it misses a spot here and there I help out by saving and sowing. There’s a lot of colour variety this year but all true blues.20200622_13260620200617_145652

3. Borage will do what it wants. No straight lines for this blue beauty. Those starry flowers make a most refreshing snack as you pass by. They don’t taste of cucumber to me.20200622_132549

4. Cornflower Blue Boy grown from seed for the first time. Makes me wonder what took me so long.20200622_134228_Burst01

5. Sky blue Colorado Toadflax arrived in secret from parts unknown and is welcome. So far it hasn’t brought any friends or family. 20200622_134256

6. Lobelia Crystal Palace. The blue I can’t do without. It’s in every pot, container and window box. I bring it indoors in the winter and start a new batch in January. It radiates from dark shady corners and thrives in sweltering sunshine. 20200622_180820~3Those are my Six. Strange that all my blues look purple through the lens. Im looking forward to a weekend of steady rain so I’ll have time to peruse yours.

12 thoughts on “SixOnSaturday June 27th. Singing the Blues

  1. A lovely blue collection, a chara! I’m a real fan of Crystal Palace (the plant and the team). You bring it indoors. Is this to collect seed to Sow again?
    I had borage last year but never knew about eating it. Also, delicate to handle with prickly undersides.

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  2. I bring the lobelia indoors for flowers during our long bleak winters. It often does self sow. As far as borage I only snack on the flowers. As you say the leaves are too spikey!


  3. Crystal Palace is my favorite too. I was fortunate to have one volunteer this year, because I didn’t get out to buy any this year, for obvious reasons! My bachelor buttons are winding down. They get so leggy and ugly at the end. Their blue is gorgeous, but this year I grew from seed dwarf mixed ones, and I think I like them even better. Some blue, and pink, maroon, lilac, dark purple, nearly white pink.

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  4. What a lovely blue selection. I haven’t tried growing Nigella before, but might do so next year – hopefully I will remember! It is a lovely soft blue. Lobelia is one of my favourite plants, and I grow them as annuals for spring flowering. I just love the shade of blue. I did not realise that the borage flowers were edible. I’ve only really grown them as pollinator plants.

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