SixOnSaturday July 4th. Independence Day.

Six things from the garden on a Saturday. Hosted by the Propagator, in the comments section of whose blog more sixes from around the gardening globe may be found.

1. Red. The first Benarys Giant zinnias are opening in various shades of red. Our own little fireworks!20200703_16105220200703_160858

2. Also at the red party, a Snapdragon that over wintered.20200703_160730_Burst01

3. White cotton mesh curtains protecting the Blueberry crop. No blueberry pie for the 4th of July this year, they’re not ripe yet.20200703_161001

4. Red, White & Blue lychnis coronaria and Hydrangea Blue Billow, a star spangled combo.20200703_161243

5. White and blue all American mopheads.20200703_161128

6. Blue. Because its my favourite colour and also because I’m feeling blue.20200703_160801

In sharing these 6 I’m trying to recall the reasons for being here in this broken and fragile country. Less than 4 years ago there was a leader with strength and pride and hope. And compassion. I’d like that ‘hopey changy thing’ back asap.


8 thoughts on “SixOnSaturday July 4th. Independence Day.

  1. Beautiful snapdragon. Mine haven’t done much yet, no flowers so far. I grew them from seed. Usually I buy a pony pack, but I haven’t been out.

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  2. Your number six blue gets my vote.
    Thank you again for your comments earlier today over on my space, a chara.
    The one certainty in life is that change is inevitable. You & I know of a change that would have a critical positive effect. Come the day…

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