SixOnSaturday July 11th. Summer


Six signs of summer from the garden on a Saturday. Hosted by the Propagator, in the comments section of whose blog more sixes from around the gardening globe may be found.

1. Elka breadseed Poppy. Although I usually have a hard time growing annual poppies these have done well as a crop row in the vegetable garden. The seed heads don’t open up as they dry like most poppies, so you get a very good harvest of seeds.


2. Lavender. Attracting all kinds of bees except honeybees. I hardly ever see honeybees here, although there is no shortage of bees, wasps, hoverflies and bumblers of all kinds. At the back of the photo you can see a nest box in the shape of a lobster trap marker. This is where the angry birds live and reproduce. House wrens,who dive at me if I come close, shrieking and chattering.

3. Germander. Such a useful ground cover at the base of roses. It’s flowering now. Afterwards it will be clipped into tidy little mounds.

4. Cucumbers are always first to glut. I grow an Israeli type, Zagross Beit, which is smaller and burpless. They can be eaten raw or pickled. Excellent both ways.

5. The Pumpkins are off! Racing across and through the hedge and onto the marsh. They seem to be setting well this year. This little one is nestled into a winterberry bush.

And this one, sporting a pretty dewdrop, has clambered through a hydrangea to encroach on a butterbush squash’s territory.

6. Sad story of the week. Behold before and after shots of Elf dwarf sunflowers. Yes, the rabbits have been diligent in wreaking havoc. Along with all the sunflowers and asters they have eaten every last bean, pea and fennel bulb.

There are 2 main culprits that have taken up residence since the recent demise of the beagle.  Baby Dagnabbit moved in first and has lately been joined by Little B******.  Both are bold as brass and always hungry.

There was a hazelnut sighting this morning. On that note I’ll leave you to your own gardening challenges while I go figure out how to protect the ripening nuts from the marauding mob of squirrels. I wish you a happy week!