SixOnSaturday week 52


We are at the end of my garden calendar year. Week 52. Here are Six things on a Saturday to mark this auspicious moment. Take some time to check out the other participants’ sixes in the comments section of the host’s blog:

1. Tropical storm Isaiah ripped through last night toppling corn, pepper plants and sunflowers. Staking took place at sunrise.

2. The storm laid to rest a very large and unruly Viburnum opulus that I had been planning to cut back to the ground when the weather is cooler. Its 90 degrees today but I made a start.

3. Naturally it laid itself down on top of a baby apple tree that bears it’s first single fruit. The apple tree will recover. The apple itself looks a bit haggard.

4. Scrambling through said viburnum was a Blue Hubbard squash which may or may not survive the onslaught of my trusty little battery operated chain saw. The dangling fruit is now on the ground until it ripens (or is nibbled by varmints).

5. In other news week 52 is usually marked by the start of the tomato harvest. This year however we are already in full glut mode and clearing space in the freezer for the overflow.

6. And finally a fountain. A fun little solar powered toy for the birds. It needs a bigger pond as the water spills over the edges in the slightest breeze. That will be taken care of.

Then on to week 1 and all it brings in harvesting, planning, sowing, ordering bulbs, summer pruning, spreading compost and generally setting up for the season to come.

Enjoy your gardening week!