SixOnSaturday November 7th. Change is gonna come.

SixOnSaturday is a weekly event ably hosted by the Propagator himself. Check out all the other sixes in the comments section of his blog.

The weather. Last weekend was below freezing with snow, this weekend in the 70s. Record breaking November heat. Very helpful in that all the outdoor jobs got done. Bulbs were planted, outdoor furniture put away, leaves raked.

There is something joyful and settled about the newly laquered stems of cornus sanguina against a clear blue sky.

Fallen leaves removed to reveal the hope of emerging flower buds on Helleborus niger.

Comfort foods are still growing. Chioggia beets are sweet and delicious after last week’s frost.

Resilient rose buds are opening. This one is Abraham Darby which starts out orange and fades to blush.

A pot of Really Red Deer Tongue lettuce is beautiful and hardy.

The greedy rabbit has moved on from my parsley. I will have a crop to harvest for the winter.

Things change. They always do and with change comes renewal and optimism. So here’s a bonus photo. A future forest of Norway maples with all their faith in a future of growth and increase. I wish them luck and wish you all a good week of gardening.

12 thoughts on “SixOnSaturday November 7th. Change is gonna come.

  1. i am going to have so many sycamore (and oak) seedlings next year. ridiculous quantity of them fall in my garden, even more so this year. easy to see how the entire country was covered in forest not very long ago.

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