SixOnSaturday December 19th – Moving right along.


SixOnSaturday is a weekly phenomenon hosted by the phenomenal Propagator. Six garden related things on a Saturday. The contributions of global gardeners may be found in the comments section of his blog Here are my Six this week.

  1. Snow day. We’ve already had much more snow this winter than the whole of last winter. The groundwater deficit has been rectified!

2. The poor old skyrocket juniper is leaning westward under the weight of snow and northeast winds. Hopefully the sun will melt some of the snow off the branches so I can shove it back to vertical.

3. Happily I was able to harvest leeks, bok choi and cilantro before the snow. The cilantro was the base for a piri peanut sauce, a very festive shade of green.

4. It was the perfect day to make my annual batch of hedgerow jam. It’s full of fruit gathered across the summer and frozen until time and weather permits. This year’s crop includes plums, strawberries, several kinds of cherry, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. Every time I pick a few of something that won’t be enough for a dish they go into the container in the freezer. I make pectin from windfall apples and crabapples to help it set. Oops, the lid is crooked on that front jar…

5. Winter orchid. A supermarket-sourced gift given to us years ago, broken and wilted. The silly thing has flowered every single December without fail. It is about to make its way to the living room display area. It is white.

6. The Frog pond. A lovely terracotta pond/planter purchased many years ago in Pennsylvania from a pottery named The Swamp Fox, for a sum of money I could not justify then or now. I loved it then and love it now. I’ll never be without it.

The snow fell, the eighth Hannukah candle was lit. The Solstice, along with the Great Convergence and the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, is looming. Not to mention Christmas in lockdown an the end of the four years of Orange madness. I’m ready for moving right along….have a wonderful week.