Prune Plant Sow January 2nd- Backwards and Forwards.

Six garden related things on a Saturday. Simple, there are few if any rules. Post your link on the comments section of the host’s blog where you can also see participants from around the globe.

A new calendar year has begun in which I will reminisce and plan. Looking back, 2020 was all about the rabbits. The crops they don’t approve of (leeks, tomatoes, chilies, beetroot) have never been bigger, tastier and healthier. The others (lettuce, spinach, beans and peas) however, have been more or less non-existent. Too much energy was spent trying to outwit them and wailing over the chaos they brought down on us. Which leads me to the first of my Six this week:

  • A fence. I am starting my 2021 with a rabbit proof fence around my vegetable beds. Said fence will be strong 1/2″ netting attached to 7′ hazel poles. There will be weights at the bottom. More on coppicing the hazel in a future post.
  • To facilitate the fence there will be a new updated garden plan. Currently laid out in rectangular no-dig beds about 6′ by 12′ I will be changing to 4′ x 40′ beds with actual chipped paths between. This should help avoid too many tiptoes and pirouettes as I try to negotiate inside the fence. It might also come close to looking tidier than my usual jungle with crops climbing all over each other. Perhaps…
  • In 2021 the veg garden will include only the crops we love to eat or that I love to grow. I will grow only 1 pumpkin plant for Halloween. There will be no weird squashes that end up in the compost pile because we don’t like squash. There will be loads of carrots and potatoes and fewer beets, kale and chard.
  • Looking back, my flower gardens have become very unruly. It’s time to take stock and think about more low maintenance options as I get older. I may even want, one day, to sell this property and move on to a smaller garden. Realising that not every potential buyer will appreciate a giant witchy herb garden full of rampant obscure edibles, my goal for this year is to install curb appeal in the front of the house.
  • Flowers. My property is very lush and green and hosts many food and wildlife friendly plants. But at some times of the year it lacks the drama of flowers. I do have a lot of spring bulbs, poppies, roses and peonies, but need to learn to incorporate more late summer and fall flowers such as helenium, gaillardia and echinacea. The above photo serves to illustrate both points! In this section the most outstanding flower was the squash! The roses and peonies are over and the Japanese anemones have not yet started flowering. The hydrangeas were wishy washy this year and just didn’t help the overall effect.
  • As many people have realised there is wildlife all around us. We have only to stop and notice what is out there. To that end I’ll leave number six to some of my garden birds from the end of 2020: a charm of goldfinches finishing up my lilac seed; a murder of crows harassing my resident red-tail hawk; 3 swans a-swimming and a downy woodpecker in the redbud tree!

Happy 2021 and may it please be a good one with the right amount of rain (during the nights) and sunny pleasant days filled with good food and flowers.

16 thoughts on “Prune Plant Sow January 2nd- Backwards and Forwards.

  1. I’ve had rabbit related plant problems in the past, and a rabbit proof fence is the way to go. I was also ‘gifted’ a young male cat by someone who was moving house. He scared off/ate any rabbits still lurking around.

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  2. It’s a good idea to look at what needs doing and boosting your curb appeal seems a good place to start. I love your bird photos, especially the woodpecker.

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  3. I have a resident stoat, a wonderful little creature who only makes a public appearance once in a while but who, or several generations of, has kept our garden rabbit free for year and years though there are rabbits 100metres to either side of us. Long live our stoat!

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  4. A fence sounds like a plan. I want to make some wire cages to cover my brassicas. we are plagued by cabbage white butterflies which have already laid eggs on some of my cauli and brocoli seedlings…I tried to grow pumpkins and squash but I failed miserably. Also melons… they all rotted.

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  5. I love “a giant witchy herb garden full of rampant obscure edibles.” This is an excellent statement of my ambition as a gardener. Thank you for sharing your drawing and plans for a new year of gardening. The pictures of all the birds that benefit from the rampant goodness of your garden are a delight.

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  6. Happy 2021, a chara. Things can only get better.
    Your vegetable plan looks awesome. Just curious though… Will the fence need to be secured into the ground? Can rabbits get under it? Best of luck with it.

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