SixOnSaturday January 16th Over the Slump

Having got beyond the cold January full moon things are looking up. The Sun is rising earlier and setting later than 4pm. Bird activity is more energetic and fun to watch. Squirrels are cleaning out their middens in anticipation of mating season. Politically, reason is taking over from insanity. A week ago I was unable to find 6 things to enthuse about. Today, as I sit in my sunroom illuminated by the low winter sunshine, i give you Six things of the garden, on a Saturday. For more global offerings go to the website of the host.

  • Prune. I’m very fond of red pelargoniums with variegated leaves. I bring in about 4 healthy plants for the winter. This week I pruned them back and took a dozen or so cuttings which will feature in my summer window boxes.
  • Plant. We donate to the Arbor Day foundation. In return they send us saplings. Since it has been too warm for a deep ground freeze I may be able to get these planted in the next few days.
  • Sow….starting with chillis: cherry bomb, Amish pimento, mixed cayenne/jalapeno. The seed is from last year so I’ve sown them thickly. I’m having trouble getting the varieties of seed I want this year. Probably a combination of last year’s drought and the pandemic. Note to self- save more seed and take more cuttings!
  • Harvest. I have loads of self sown Lobelia Crystal Palace seedlings in the plants I brought in for the winter. These are being harvested to be grown on. These are in a lemon verbena pot.
  • Grow. Vernal Witch hazel. I use a lot of herbs in cooking. I’m starting to forage medicinal ingredients. This will be a double extraction. First water then vodka, to be used topically. Always learning….Wish me luck!
  • Bloom. The Stop & Shop orchid is right on cue. Thriving on total neglect. It’s in its 8th year now and doesn’t get any bigger. It grows a replacement leaf every couple of years and throws up a few new aerial roots and a flower stalk every January.

So there they are, my Six. I hope your week goes well and that there is peace on earth.

3 thoughts on “SixOnSaturday January 16th Over the Slump

    1. It’s my first foraged medicine. I’ve been interested in herbalism for a long time but since I’m basically as healthy as a horse I’ve had no need for remedies. I do have a varicose vein though and witch hazel is supposed to be an astringent that helps tighten the vein. I’m going to try to make a salve or liniment. Interestingly store bought Witch hazel is clear because it’s a steam distillation. Mine is deep dark red! We’ll see if it helps.

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