SixOnSaturday March 20th – Vernal Equinox

It is Spring! I missed posting the last few weeks of winter due to general apathy and lack of interest in the uneventful happenings in the garden. Seedlings are taking over my universe…I’m already running out of space and have yet to start sowing tomatoes. The rest of the SixOnSaturday contributors are much more reliable and manage to keep up with their weekly quota. You may find them in the comments section of the Host’s blog.

Here are my Six:-

  • The Cream Beauty crocus that were planted last fall are clearly Yellow and Orange Beauty
  • The Hellebores are flowering away
  • I’ve almost completed the pruning of the apple trees
  • I’ve put in some asparagus crowns. They’re hiding under the compost.
  • Snowdrops and pussy willow in full flush
  • First harvest of the year. The chives are ready.

So there it is. Spring has Sprung and it’s time to get a rabbit fence in place as the little hoppity bobbity rascals are out and about and hungry as can be. Have a wonderful week!

12 thoughts on “SixOnSaturday March 20th – Vernal Equinox

  1. I walked past the asparagus bed here during the week and looked longingly at it with dreams of delicious spears later this year. A great vegetable.


  2. New spring growth on garlic chives is so pretty. I tore out my ancient asparagus last year (not easy). it was here when I moved in and not producing well, it might have been old. I will miss it, but really, it has such a short harvest period I decided I have better things for the bed, and I buy my asparagus at the store!

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  3. Yes welcome back to SOS, nice that things are looking up in the garden now. I’m always very happy to see the chives arrive, they have such vigour. I love the Pussy Willow too, those lovely soft felty buds.


      1. While fencing does help a lot, our rabbit problem was finally solved when we were asked to look after a young a lively male cat. He certainly caught some of them and I assume the rest decided to leave and find a quieter home.

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  4. You’re right. Our elderly beagle died a year ago. While she didn’t often catch them she certainly terrorised them and kept her area rabbit free. All my neighbors have dogs so our place is now bunny safe haven!

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