SixOnSaturday April 3rd. Satisfying

It’s April and it’s SixOnSaturday time again. Visit the host’s blog at to see what gardeners everywhere are up to.

  • Iris Dandiforae is one of the earliest of the little bulbs and packs a powerful punch of yellow against the faded winter earth.
  • In my garden the lenten rose flowers long before the Christmas rose, which is flowering in April!
  • Prolifically promiscuous pushkinia know nothing about social distancing or isolation.
  • The tiniest of narcissus. Relocated from last spring’s window boxes and increasing nicely, they are only about 10cm tall.
  • I’ve managed for the first time to persuade some echinacea seeds to germinate. Now to keep them alive…
  • There’s nothing quite as satisfying as a big pile of steaming compost arriving on your first day of real retirement, along with a muscular helper to move it!

The compost is spread. I’m in a happy place and ready to plant onions! Have a great week.

11 thoughts on “SixOnSaturday April 3rd. Satisfying

    1. Thank you. The tardy Christmas rose is quite showy, nicer than my other hellebores. To germinate the echinacea I sowed it in a shallow seed try and left it outside in a cold frame. The nights have been very cold here, below freezing.


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