SixOnSaturday April 10th. Getting started.

SixOnSaturday time again. Long sunny days and nights above freezing have jolted me into action. The forsythia is flowering, a good local sign that prompts the planting of early things.

First to go into the vegetable garden are Alliums. Onions, leeks and bunching onions. I’m trying to be neater and more careful to leave paths for myself this year

The paths are made from damp cardboard with composted woodchips on top.

4 rows of potatoes have been planted. It looks as though that’s where the bodies are buried!

Next to go in will be parsley. At this point rabbit exclusion measures will be necessary.

If the fence proves successful there will be sweet peas.

Lettuce will go into containers on my 2nd storey deck. Thankfully my rabbits haven’t learned to climb or fly. Yet…..

See other contributions in the comments section of our host’s blog. Have a wonderful week.

6 thoughts on “SixOnSaturday April 10th. Getting started.

  1. Your soil looks fertile. fingers crossed the rabbit barrier works. There was a rabbit in our garden last weekend (a rare sighting) and I had a meltdown. Fortunately for me but unfortunately for the rabbit he found his way to the pool and drowned 😦


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