SixOnSaturday April 24th. Red carpet ready.

At the end of a week where blustery winds, torrential rain, snow sprinkles and sunshine competed for centre stage, it’s once more time for SixOnSaturday. Rules, regulations and participant disregard for them may be found on the website of the host –

  • I think I mentioned Tulip Angelique last week, but here she is again. So pretty, the petals blushing deeper pink as she ages ever so gracefully. A true diva.
  • The ingenue; Narcissus tazetta Minnow. Tiny but perfectly formed in sherbet lemon yellow. For scale, the species tulips in the picture are only a few inches tall, 20cm at most.
  • Also in lemon and lime, making an early debut this year, the erythronium are nodding modestly at the audience.
  • One of the Bishop’s children seedlings is settling in to her spot, an indicator plant for the rest of the siblings reaction to the spotlight.
  • New to the red carpet, replacing a faded old plant of advanced age is Azalea. A trip to the nursery after many months of abstinence resulted in this and one more award winner.
  • Pieris japonica Mountain Flame. A versatile beauty to play a tricky role. 4 season curb appeal without departing too far from the script! I hope she will be well behaved and not get too big for her boots in her front and centre location!

These are my Six. I’m rooting for Viola, not least because most of my garden attire comes complete with a black bottom. Have a great week. Enjoy the show!

10 thoughts on “SixOnSaturday April 24th. Red carpet ready.

  1. Foliage and flowers of erythronium are quite appealling and will work nicely with the palate of large leaved and vaguely exotic plants planned for the back area. Angelique is so fluffy. Like a feather comforter. And just the right amout of subtle pink to give the whole interest.

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  2. The Pieris is really spectacular with its new leaves, and it definitely deserves to be centre stage! The tulip Angelique is really pretty too, showing more pink as it ages. The dainty little Erythronium flowers are beautiful too.

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