SixOnSaturday May 1st. Firsts

SixOnSaturday time again. Visit the host’s comment section for more merry Mayday Sixes from hither & yon.

  • All my tulips have been wonderful this year. This is the first tulip I ever planted in this garden, at least 25 years ago. This year with a record-setting 5 flowers. Evidence that tulips can and do come back year after year. I have no idea what the variety is. As you can see my garden fence is rotting, providing entry points for all kinds of critters.
  • He is the first angry bird of Spring. It must be time for mating…isn’t he gorgeous? Who could resist such a handsome fellow? I’m just relieved it wasn’t my truck he took offence to.
  • The first Robin is on the nest in the magnolia tree. She’s not pleased either. She’s already been raided by crows and squirrels. She is on her 3rd try, poor thing.
  • The first mow off the year is always a crap-shoot. Is the grass long enough or dry enough? Will the blade have been sharpened in time? Will I get it in before the heavy rains? Yes, yes & yes! As you can see, not a perfectly manicured lawn but healthy and full of weedy pollinators. At the moment it is mostly violets and ajuga, renegade snowdrops and other small bulbs.
  • The first Snowy Egret has arrived back from who knows where.
  • Its the first time ever that all of my apple trees have flower buds. So if I can pollinate them, if we don’t have a late frost, and if the birds don’t eat the baby apples, perhaps for the first time ever we’ll have fruit.

The first baby bunny has been spotted tearing around in a frenzy. So cute and so ravenous. Sighs and wonders whether enough rabbit exclusion measures have been taken.

First is one of those words that when repeated loses it’s meaning and looks like it is spelled wrong! Spell check was engaged… Happy first of May and have a great gardening week.

13 thoughts on “SixOnSaturday May 1st. Firsts

  1. Courageous robin, indeed. I like your description of the first mow. We struggled with should we or shouldn’t we, then gave in a couple week back because we’re reseeding portions and it needed to be low. With Hubby at the mower, that means scalped.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  2. Thank you for sharing photos of the visitors to your garden. I find these days that I get as excited about seeing the animals that use my garden for food, water, and shelter as I do about the signs of growth in my plants.

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  3. I also increasingly like a lawn with a few weeds in it. Lovely wildlife too, I would be so delighted to see an egret, they are very elegant birds – I saw hundreds of them on the banks of the Nile in Egypt where I spent some time as a teenager. I do wish your robin every success, third time lucky.

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    1. Thank you. I’m very lucky with my garden birds. Most don’t keep still long enough for a decent photo. My skills and equipment are far from professional! But I do think the weedy lawn and slightly unkempt plantings help attract them.

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  4. That is some lawn you have to mow. It must take you hours! I love the angry bird. I’m not sure about he’s angry with the truck or took a liking to you ๐Ÿ™‚ Hey, you could have ‘pulled’ LoL … sorry, English honour can be a little off the wall. ๐Ÿ™‚

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