SixOnSaturday July10th. Prune, Plant, Sow, Harvest, Grow, Bloom.

A quick Six late on Saturday. Better late than never!

A full ten days of cold rainy weather in July is pretty much unheard of around these parts! The garden is loving it. The grass is long and soggy, the weeds high.

  1. All the apple trees have been Pruned. Water spouts removed and fruit thinned. Usually doesn’t happen as it’s ‘too hot’. Not this year. I’m hoping for a reasonable crop.

2. I actually went out in the rain and came home with a couple of new Plants! This lovely white Veronica and a little Platycodon, as well as a flat of petunias to refresh my poor rain sodden window boxes.

3. Last year’s overwintered onions were a huge success. We just finished the last of them. Consequently I’ve sown some more this week.

4. The renegade garlic Harvest is in. These are just the ones that are in the way of other crops, left over from last year or self sown. The main crop won’t be ready for a few weeks.

5. The tall plants are really starting to Grow. Nicotiana Sylvestris….

Echinops Ritro and Phlox David strutting their stuff.

6. And finally Blooms with bees. The lacecap hydrangea, oregano and coreopsis are heavy with rain and loaded with bees.

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7 thoughts on “SixOnSaturday July10th. Prune, Plant, Sow, Harvest, Grow, Bloom.

  1. Very damp July here too, a chara. However, forecast is for a warm sunny week,so the plants That look soggy will likely thrive with the combination!
    Happy gardening. You’ve a few nice additions to pop in.

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