SixOnSaturday January 5th. Happy New Year

The first week of January has been wonderfully kind, with blue skies, mild temps, no precipitation or winds to speak of. I should probably get out and dig the last of the leeks.

The garden is still waiting for winter, which will come as we all know….but it was easy to find 6 pleasing things this week.

  1. Winter Savory. One of my favourite herbs. A blend of rosemary and thyme flavours, it seems to enhance all kinds of kitchen ‘doings’. I even put it in cranberry sauce! It is a tidy and beautiful little plant (unlike some herbs I could mention….) and can be picked through the winter as long as it is not under a blanket of snow.img_20190104_101919


2. Red Osier Dogwood “Arctic Fire” I think. I planted 2 as a windbreak on a bank of desperate soil facing due south. They have flourished, providing me with cutting materials though the winter and many plants to give away as they increase very easily by layering.img_20190104_101810img_20190104_101752.jpg


3. Gangs of sparrows. I finally got around to putting up the birdfeeders, at which point my birds arrived. The funniest is the gang of house sparrows, which lies in wait in a hazelnut tree before mobbing the feeders en masse. Lots of hazel catkins this year. Could be a bumper crop.img_20190104_101716img_20190104_101602


4. Passing lobster boat, nice to see they can still get out to tend the traps in this nice weather.img_20190104_101640.jpg


5. Hamamelis Virginiana, common native witch hazel, always the first to flower. Not a spectacular shrub but highly scented attracting whatever insects are out and about.img_20190104_101428


6. Heath “Vivelli”. Pretty dark purple foliage and magenta flowers just starting to open.img_20190104_101306.jpg


I’m taking advantage of this ‘January Thaw’ even though we haven’t had any snow yet. We all know winter is coming, but in the mean time I have a good dog that needs a walk!

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SixOnSaturday September 29th. Its all about the lighting.

These are the days.  Cool, damp mornings, brilliant sunshine, blue skies and starry nights. Plants to plant, trees to trim,  harvests to haul.IMG_-6tm0pf1. Pumpkins and squash. This big one had to be dragged screaming and kicking back in from the marsh,  where he was hiding among the phragmites . He must weigh at least 30lbs.

IMG_20180929_0927492. Sunlight through Ruby chard. It’s the only reason I grow chard.  We never eat it.

IMG_20180929_0929203. More sunshine,  this time through Cosmos Purity.

IMG_20180929_0924424. Sunshine on cucumbers growing through my deck railing .

IMG_20180929_0921485. Caryopteris busy with bees.

IMG_20180929_0922356. Finally, this year’s mystery weed. It’s popping up all over.  It’s pretty,  a lovely sunny lime green. I’m keeping it for now…ideas?

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