SixOnSaturday February 6th. New Growth.


The Cold Moon is on the wane and Imbolc has passed by. It is cold and damp and raw, but there is new life appearing as we hurtle toward Spring! Here are Six new growths on a Saturday. And some Free Plants! See more Sixes in the comments section of the Host

  • The appropriately named Cornus sericea ‘Midwinter Fire’ twigs that I added to my holiday greens have all rooted. One of them even has a flower bud! I will gradually add potting compost to their water until they are sturdy enough to plant out. I’m undecided whether to pot them individually or as a clump. Less Space vs. More Free Plants!?!
  • Sticking with the Free Plants theme, Crystal Palace lobelia seeded itself into every plant potted up for the winter. I’ve been pricking the seedlings out into modules where they are doing famously. A much more efficient propagation method than starting from scratch – although they may not turn out to be true CPs….
  • Alliums are appearing. The leeks were from older seed so I was anxious. The onions are a new variety to me so again, anxious… however all seems to be well, so far. But Alliums clearly make me anxious.
  • Lettuce seedlings that were saved from rabbits at the end of last year have sulked all winter, but are suddenly in full speed ahead mode. These are Really Red Deer Tongue and are usually quite burgundy. Low light levels perhaps. Or more likely getting ready to make seed. There are some pelargonium cuttings in the same pot.
  • These Cherry Bomb Chillies were sown mid January. I probably will only grow on a few of them. But for now they don’t take up too much space.
  • My dear old Lemon Verbena is back, after a very hard prune and the passing of mid winter. This is a very old plant, probably 25-30 years old. Every year that it comes back to life is a bonus.

It will be another 6 weeks or so before I see any actual outside flowers. I must admit I am a little envious of all your snowdrops and crocus. Didn’t think I could drum up a post this week but there you have it! Six things, new life and re-awakened optimism. Have a happy week and be safe!

SixOnSaturday. Running late!


Rather late to the party this week! It was Thanksgiving day on Thursday. Here’s my Thanksgiving cactus, right on cue!

And here’s part of the squash and dried gourd harvest as table decoration.

Tradition dictates decorating for Christmas the weekend after Thanksgiving. So you don’t freeze your fingers off. Today is warm and sunny so I picked spruce, juniper, holly, and red twigs from my own garden. And some pretty ivy that has started colonizing my fence. Tomorrow I’ll forage white pine boughs and cones to complete the assortment of cut branches for winter window boxes.

The rabbits have once again eaten all my parsley. It was so pretty yesterday. Too bad I didn’t take a photo…..too late!

But here’s a bunch of sage I picked this morning. Drying nicely.

And a wreath I made a few years ago from grape vine. I will add fresh greenery to it for the front door.

Its late in the day for some of you and still early for others. That’s the beauty of SixOnSaturday. Anyone can join, whenever they choose. See more sixes from everywhere at the host’s blog.

where the rules may also be found. (Really there are few rules).

SixOnSaturday February 15th. Success!

I haven’t started sowing seeds yet because its too early and also I have company coming. So I’m trying to control the urge to fill every horizontal surface with seedlings. Cuttings on the other hand were taken months ago. Here are a few of them.

1. 1st ever successful lemon verbena cutting. From a very old parent plant.20200214_132715


2. Baby teuchrium germander plants. If I’d known these were so easy to propagate I’d have formal hedges everywhere! 20200214_132752


3. Over wintered pelargoniums. 20200214_132724


4. Hydrangea cuttings. Not that I need more hydrangeas in my life but these are from a beautiful brilliant white lacecap and will be planted as insurance. The parent is being slowly overwhelmed by a tree…..20200214_133114


5. Buds on the phalenopsis orchid. This $10 supermarket orchid flowers reliably at least twice a year. Usually when company is expected. She earns her keep.


6. Actual snowdrops. These are really about 4 weeks early for me and point to the mild and manageable winter we’ve had. And also to climate change.20200214_133137

These are my Six. Take a look at the comments on the host site for more weekly garden glories and have a great week.

SixOnSaturday January 11th. 6 Random plant-y/garden-y things.

The weeks are flying by and it is Saturday again!

1. The bulb shaming worked on 1 amarylis. The other one is still in the dunce corner.20200109_085714

2. The witch hazel ‘Pallida’ twigs brought in for moral support are sweetly opening. 20200109_085725.jpg

3. My first ever successful Lemon Verbena cutting has come out of the dunce corner. It is finally showing new growth.20200111_100319~2

4. Just a gorgeous Begonia Rex.20200111_100413

5. Mr Magnolia is bursting with buds. 20200111_100629

6. Almost free seeds from the University of Rhode Island co-operative extension in association with Burpee. 34 packets for $8.50 shipping and handling. You can choose the type but not the varieties. It’s a fun selection pack, a chance to try varieties I would never normally order.20200111_100906.jpg

So that’s my Six for the week. I am in a hurry today…..please excuse the random ‘stream of consciousness’ nature of this post and pop over to the Propagator’s blog for more considered and well-written offerings! Have a wonderful week!