Garden Guests: #SixOnSaturday February 9th

There is no winter gardening in New England without a greenhouse or poly tunnel. Once the cold sets in, the ground is frozen like a rock. There are no overwintered veggies, no early sowings of peas. Winter interest is in the form of structure, coloured bark and weather ‘happenings’.

And garden guests, who somehow deal with snow and ice and gales in preparation for the Spring to come.

Here are a few from this week.

IMG_6137 - Copy1. First in the pecking order, Carolina Wren. This tiniest of birds is definitely the Boss. Loud, pushy, always earliest to the suet feeder. They nest in the rafters of my shed most years, which is fine except they rule the roost and won’t let me in!

IMG_6149 - Copy2. Tufted Titmouse, the sweetest bird of all. Shy and quick, hard to photograph. Happily I’ve seen a lot of them this year.


IMG_6173 - Copy3. Nuthatch, who cleans the suet from his beak by wiping it on the rough Redbud bark.

IMG_61364. Mr Cardinal. Man of many songs and funny antics.

IMG_61105. Oh, who’s this? Resident Hawk. He’d dropped his (dead) squirrel and is looking for it. IMG_6131He soon recovered it and flew off to a nearby maple tree to finish the job.  I think he is a Red Tail Hawk but if anyone out there knows better….

IMG_6101IMG_6104IMG_61036. Finally, just passing through today. Sitting in the sun, having a stretch, sniffing around, marking a few corners. Happy fox, happy me!!

That’s my Six for this week.

I don’t contribute every week, especially in the Winter. I do get a bit of weather ‘envy’ knowing that some of you are out in the garden when I have weeks of snow and ice to endure. However, the deep cold of the last few weeks has broken and we are starting to see a few signs.

In the meantime I can always join you all for #Six On Saturday on the Propagator’s website: