SixOnSaturday. Running late!


Rather late to the party this week! It was Thanksgiving day on Thursday. Here’s my Thanksgiving cactus, right on cue!

And here’s part of the squash and dried gourd harvest as table decoration.

Tradition dictates decorating for Christmas the weekend after Thanksgiving. So you don’t freeze your fingers off. Today is warm and sunny so I picked spruce, juniper, holly, and red twigs from my own garden. And some pretty ivy that has started colonizing my fence. Tomorrow I’ll forage white pine boughs and cones to complete the assortment of cut branches for winter window boxes.

The rabbits have once again eaten all my parsley. It was so pretty yesterday. Too bad I didn’t take a photo…..too late!

But here’s a bunch of sage I picked this morning. Drying nicely.

And a wreath I made a few years ago from grape vine. I will add fresh greenery to it for the front door.

Its late in the day for some of you and still early for others. That’s the beauty of SixOnSaturday. Anyone can join, whenever they choose. See more sixes from everywhere at the host’s blog.

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SixOnSaturday January 11th. 6 Random plant-y/garden-y things.

The weeks are flying by and it is Saturday again!

1. The bulb shaming worked on 1 amarylis. The other one is still in the dunce corner.20200109_085714

2. The witch hazel ‘Pallida’ twigs brought in for moral support are sweetly opening. 20200109_085725.jpg

3. My first ever successful Lemon Verbena cutting has come out of the dunce corner. It is finally showing new growth.20200111_100319~2

4. Just a gorgeous Begonia Rex.20200111_100413

5. Mr Magnolia is bursting with buds. 20200111_100629

6. Almost free seeds from the University of Rhode Island co-operative extension in association with Burpee. 34 packets for $8.50 shipping and handling. You can choose the type but not the varieties. It’s a fun selection pack, a chance to try varieties I would never normally order.20200111_100906.jpg

So that’s my Six for the week. I am in a hurry today…..please excuse the random ‘stream of consciousness’ nature of this post and pop over to the Propagator’s blog for more considered and well-written offerings! Have a wonderful week!



SixOnSaturday February 23rd. Sow It Begins…

It is a funny thing, Winter drags on and I’m dying for Spring but I can’t get motivated to start sowing seeds. The basement, where I keep my supplies is cold, with a concrete floor. Cleaning and setup takes forever.

Today the sun is shining, the temp is above freezing, the birds have started singing their songs of love…and as happens every year, I just got on with it!

IMG_20190222_1145461. It begins. Every available surface. This week I started assorted annual flower seeds and peppers. Plus a few herbs and some lettuce….

img_20190222_114604.jpg2 . This little onion propagator was once a catering pack of oatmeal raisin cookies.

IMG_20190222_1146373. As if it knew it was destined to be dumped back in the heap tomorrow,  a bud finally appeared on last year’s red amaryllis .

IMG_20190222_1151014. Speaking of red, geraniums on the porch,  with a backdrop of snow.

IMG_20190222_1150475. Tete a tete daffodils,  also indoors. From a 3 dollar pack of 16 bulbs there are 3 flowers. Not very economical after all.

IMG_20190212_0633086. Sunrise, preceding one of 3 snowfalls this week. Just a few inches each time,  to remind me that it’s still mid winter here. February can be a ‘tretorus’ month, as they say around here. Actually, so can  March!

I’ll very quickly get sick and tired of having seed trays all over the house, but for now I’ll take it as a sign of Spring.

Take a visit to gardens and gardeners all over the world by visiting my inspiration in blog writing and seed sowing, the Propagator and his many Twitter friends.



SixOnSaturday November 17th. Staying indoors.

We had our first snow of the season. Not romantic fluffy and white, but mean and soggy! No real accumulation, just enough to make the sump pumps run. So, houseplants…

Noticing that my indoor lemon verbena was looking  little ‘spindly’ and not photo worthy at all, I took a closer look and found the fattest, greenest caterpillar happily munching away at it! There followed a full inspection of the other ‘indoors’ and a new appreciation of the tenacity of nature’s grazers!

  1. Begonia. This plant has been with me for many years, produced many offspring and just continues to be spectacular. As with many of my old plant friends I don’t remember where it came from or what it’s name is. It lives indoors in indirect sun away from the radiators year round. Some years I take rooted pieces of it for my late summer window boxes.img_20181111_080136.jpg
  2. Boston Fern. This was one huge fern last year. I hacked it into 3 pieces before bringing it inside.IMG_20181111_080242
  3. Parlour Palm. Living in a shady corner next to the kitchen,  in mostly benign neglect. There was that day when the dog ate it down to a stump and promptly threw it back up all over the house…..both dog and palm came through the incident unscathed.IMG_20181111_080356
  4. Ficus. Love this plant except recently it has started making fruit a couple of times a year. When ripe, little brown sticky marbles shoot everywhere.IMG_20181111_080443.jpg
  5. Olive Tree and herb garden. In my cool porch getting lots and lots of sunshine are rosemary, thyme and winter savory that keep us flavoured all winter long and then go back out into the garden in Spring. Along with the aforementioned Lemon Verbena that is supposed to provide calming hot tea and not caterpillar fodder.IMG_20181111_080337
  6. Thanksgiving Cactus. As always, right on time. It is Thanksgiving next week, very early. This plant never shows up late to the party. How does it know?img_20181111_080115.jpg


The weather is supposed to improve next week so with a bit of luck we can get back to talking about outdoor vegetables!

Meanwhile pop over to the host of this great meme. On the propogator’s blog comments you’ll see SixOnSaturday posts from around the world.