In a vase on Monday June 15th. Morning and Evening.

The peonies and roses are spectacular this year. In celebration, and as a memoir to my ex-career in fashion design here are 2 colourways of the same bouquet. Using the same vase for both.

A) Sarah Bernhardt peonies with Rosa Zephirine Drouhin and Nigella. An old copper sundial completes the scene.20200614_110059

B). Peony Moonstone, Rosa Mme Plantier, white daisies and Anemone Sylvestris sit with a stone votive. The candle is not yet lit. Evenings come late in June.20200610_133214

The vase is a silly little 2 handled urn. I like white vases.

Thank you to Cathy for hosting.


In a vase on Monday June 8th.

20200607_111256~2For my first socially distanced visit to a dear friend’s garden today. Her garden is shady and wooded so she doesn’t get the opulent flowers of early summer. I’m bringing Peony “Bowl of Beauty” , roses “Zephirine Drouhin” and “Leander” with the first of the Nigella damascena and Heuchera flowers.

The vase is a stoneware milk jug. The bouquet is very similar to my wedding flowers.

Thanks Cathy for hosting #iavom!


In a vase on Monday

20200531_141515~2Today’s vase was a wedding gift. Very heavy blue glass with a magenta dimple in the base. This not very subtle vase is about 14″ tall and surprisingly looks well with almost any content.

The little frog netsuke I bought in a market in China before the sale of ivory was banned.

The rhododendron was rescued from the dead plant department in the early days of my garden. The flowers are huge.20200529_165948

I added some heuchera foliage and flower stems to help the rhodies simmer down a bit.


Thank you Cathy for hosting. Enjoy more vases in the comments section.

In a vase on Monday

Memorial Day dawns, white with fog.

The day is cold and cloudy. I don’t mind. I’m holding on to spring. By next week the white flowers will fade and the summer colours of peony, rose and clematis will predominate.

I’m picking flowers for our first party since lockdown. Just 4 people including us. Eating outside.

The flowers are viburnum opulus, white Deutzia and narcissus Actea. Shades of white.20200525_095834

The vase is a yard sale find, it’s made of something like pyrex and is unbreakable. Probably a good thing. I’m sure there’ll be wine.20200525_095919 Happy long weekend wherever you are!