SixOnSaturday July 25th. Summer things.

In a steamy week when we finally had some real rain, bee magnet Echinops Ritro went from punky to rumpled.20200724_15053920200724_150514Nicotiana Fragrant Cloud lived up to her name.20200721_091550Oriental Lily was scent-sational.20200724_150431A bonus poppy popped up.20200721_091332The first sunflower shone.20200722_133111And Zinnias sizzled20200724_145621Just summer things doing their summer thing.

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SixOnSaturday July 13th. Change is good.

It’s been a bit of a funny week or two. Between the 4th of July festivities, house guests, heatwaves and downpours, I only just managed to get my beans and pumpkins planted out. With a bit of luck we’ll have a long, slow transition to Fall and they’ll have time to produce. I’m trying to kid myself that it is succession planting for a Fall harvest….

Meanwhile, back to Six On Saturday, where my theme this week is Change. Because things do. And usually for the better.

IMG_20190703_1745511. Boundaries re-established. The wild kingdom has no respect for straight lines or tidiness. A couple of times a season I hack back the weeds and remember why boundaries are essential to healthy co-existence.

2. Everything in its place. My garden shed is a hundred year old former chicken coop. It came with old (mostly broken) tools, half used containers of chemicals I would never dream of using, bits of lumber and thousands of pots. I’ve re-used or recycled most of the plastic pots over the years and organised the beautiful old terracotta ones so the mice can’t nest in them. The shed has never been so tidy! I can actually walk in now without risking life and limb. I’m still working on safe disposal of the chemicals, as you can see.

IMG_20190627_0755493. Goodbye old friend. My trusty old gas powered Toro gave up the ghost and has been replaced by an electric self-propelled mower. Its much lighter in weight and so quiet. I’ve never owned a brand new mower before.

img_20190704_134056-1.jpg4. Hello Sweetness. Baby girl is now old enough to enjoy the great outdoors. During her visit we played with rocks and stones, watered the pathways and ate alpine strawberries right from the garden. A new generation to love the land.

IMG_20190624_1627355. Lilies. The beetles moved in at the same time as I did, so for the last 25 years or so I had no lilies. This year, so far so good. These have been brightening up Mikey’s corner for weeks without blemish. I do see a big hole in that nicotiana leaf though…


6. Climate change? My window boxes are looking lovely this year, I think because the weather hasn’t been baking hot for weeks on end. There are 4 boxes like this on the front (Northern side) of the house. Usually I change them out in August because they are looking very tired. This year they look like they’ll make it through the whole summer.

That’s my six for the week. It’s a bit more ‘hard-scapey’ than usual because we’ve had torrential rain again and all my flowers are muddy. Visit the prop’s site for details from all the other gardens and have a great week.

SixOnSaturday August 4th

August brings in more hot, humid days with brilliant sunshine. While the rest of the US is reeling from heat, fire and flood we are enjoying embarrassingly perfect weather. Enter the Bold and the Beautiful.

  1. Lilies. As anticipated the coral pink with orange accents clashes perfectly with the unexpectedly purple dahlia in the same pot. They are  good in a vase with the coral phlox below so they will be planted close by as soon as they’ve done floweringIMG_20180725_084444

2. Sunflower. There’s very little yellow allowed here. I make an exception for sunflowers in August and September. This one is “Elf”, a dwarf variety with full size flowers. I also grew “Italian White”  which is a paler lemon yellow. img_20180801_1033591.jpg

3. Hydrangea. This one came from a florist in a pot with shiny paper. 3 years later after the coldest winter on record, it flowers! The flowers are gorgeous, pure white and massive! I have a lot of blue mophead hydrangeas too. img_20180725_1012051.jpg

4 Zinnias. I just love these complicated showoffs! Benarys Giants. They have to live in the vegetable garden ‘cus they don’t play well with anything else!IMG_20180801_095607

5. Phlox are dominating the garden at the moment. I’ve lost the name of this short coral pink one, img_20180801_0956301.jpgand this one is David, much taller, approaching 6 feet.img_20180801_103518.jpg

6. Abraham Darby. One of the most spectacular roses I’ve ever grown, strongly scented. Now in the second flush of flowers. Rubbing noses with my little hedge of germander.img_20180801_1038351.jpg

These are my Six. Hope you all have a great weekend and take a minute to see what Mr Propagator is up to on holiday, at