SixOnSaturday November 10th TREES

I’ve been giving some thought to Mr Propagator’s search for the perfect tree. I am fortunate to live among many beautiful trees. If I could only have one,  it would be a cherry. Either a sweet or a sour fruiting cherry. I’ve tried and failed with both. My location and climate just won’t do. I’ve had crops that were amazing, followed by sudden death.  No photos of the remaining discouraging stumps. I’m moving on.

For my Six this week I give you trees and thoughts of trees.

1.Skyrocket juniperIMG_20181109_081810The juniper above was planted a few months after I moved here, 25 years ago.  It was 15 feet high. Last year the snow and ice tipped it over at a 45 degree angle. After cutting 10 feet off the top of the central leader, tying it in and hoisting it back upright all is well. At only 2 feet wide it’s a great punctuation point in my wild Kingdom. I’d sorely miss it if it hadn’t recovered. Green all winter, a soft landing for fledgling sparrows in spring.

2. Baby Red OakIMG_20181102_162312I have no oak trees on the property. I was given this little red oak sapling which spent the summer looking unremarkable in its pot. The autumn colour is so amazing I’ll be planting it out this month. In a few years it will make a lovely red statement in my mostly orange and gold autumn landscape.

3. Hawthorne IMG_20181102_162318This hawthorn was also a gift. I’m not sure which hawthorn it is but it will make a fine addition to the ‘back 40’. Please excuse the black bin bag covering on my rain barrel!

4. Magnolia Stellata IMG_20181104_130649

Magnolia Stellata is supposed to be a lovely, graceful tree. Mine is a thug, 4 hefty trunks requiring 3 or 4 prunings a year. But it is a thing of beauty in every season and hard as nails. Pure gold at the moment.

5 Blueberry IMG_20181104_130418

Not really a tree, but high bush blueberries come close. Today the leaves are red patent leather.

6. Hazelnutimg_20181104_130337.jpg

Another good 4 season tree. There is the nut harvest of course, with its attendant wildlife, but also long straight canes  to be used as bean supports, fantastic gold and cerise autumn colour. In winter there are fragrant catkins (which can be seen already if you look closely). Easy to propagate, has no pests that I know of, winter and drought hardy.

These are my Six. I can’t wait to see which tree the Propagator chooses. I have a feeling there will be more than one. ‘Cos “more plants innit!!”

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