In a vase on Monday May 18th

20200516_143639~3My first #iavom. The last of the tulips and the first lilacs. Golden Spirea cuttings as a foil for the mauves. In a vase that I love, heavy black art glass;  an unsigned wedding gift.


15 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday May 18th

  1. The Golden Spirea is the perfect foil for the lilacs, and I am fascinated by the vase – the design looks as if it is based on crystals like agate, but it is hard to tell. Thanks so much for joining us today and I hope you will come back another week – by the way, your link wasn’t quite right but I will amend it so that others will find it easier to find you


    1. Thank you Cathy. I haven’t been able to find out anything on the vase but i do love it. Thank you for hosting. If I can manage to contribute regularly it will help me be more appreciative of my flower garden and also my massive vase collection!


  2. Gorgeous! I love the gold foliage you’ve used to accent the beautiful lilac and tulips. The vase itself is very striking too. I’ll echo Cathy’s welcome to IAVOM too!


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