In a vase on Monday

Memorial Day dawns, white with fog.

The day is cold and cloudy. I don’t mind. I’m holding on to spring. By next week the white flowers will fade and the summer colours of peony, rose and clematis will predominate.

I’m picking flowers for our first party since lockdown. Just 4 people including us. Eating outside.

The flowers are viburnum opulus, white Deutzia and narcissus Actea. Shades of white.20200525_095834

The vase is a yard sale find, it’s made of something like pyrex and is unbreakable. Probably a good thing. I’m sure there’ll be wine.20200525_095919 Happy long weekend wherever you are!

4 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday

  1. That viburnum is a beautiful colour and with the pristine white of the deutzia and the narcissus, and the silvery vase sets them off perfectly. I hope your little party goes well – here, we still can’t meet up with more than one other person…

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  2. Your arrangement will make a lovely table decoration for your holiday gathering! Best wishes. I’m sure all will go well. I’m working on tentative plans for my own small gathering next month.

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